Never has it been more important to get back to providing good old fashion customer service. That’s why you need the First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit.
The Complete Performance Review Toolkit, 2nd Edition brings the BEST of today’s strategies, tools and training all together in one easy-access binder system.
This multimedia toolkit gives you know-how and training tools you can use immediately to foster a low-drama culture that motivates morale and productivity.
Here’s a no-fail way for you—and your entire staff—to learn easy essentials that make it easy to shine at business writing.
Are nitpicking and fault-finding common? Is “blame” the first reaction when things go wrong?

Workplace Training Center offers a wealth of resources that deliver effective management skills training, everything from multi-media toolkits, audio conferences and videos to online newsletters, interactive courses and online archives.

Upcoming Events

9/10/14 How Not to Sound Stupid at Work
In addition to avoiding costly mistakes, you’ll know how to write clear, compelling emails, memos and proposals that get results—and get you noticed.
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10/8/14 Managing a Chaotic Workload: Getting All-New Control Over Your Work and Your Life
Combining good humor and good business strategies, this webinar reveals how to quit fighting the chaos and start relaxing into a more fluid – and more productive – management style.
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9/17/14 EEOC's Pregnancy Guidance: New Employer Obligations, New Employee Protections
In this 90-minute webinar, Burt Fishman, one of the nation’s leading experts on workplace law, will guide you through the most sweeping change to pregnant employee protections in more than 30 years.
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9/24/14 Personality Clash: Defusing Conflict When Employees Can’t Get Along
What do you do when employees just don’t get along? You could lay down the law and tell them to stop squabbling “or else.” But that’s like telling people to change their personalities. Not going to happen!
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