Meeting Planner Training Camp
PepperMill Resort Spa Casino
Reno, NV
May 24 - 26, 2010

Offered initially only for private events for Coca-Cola, UPS, the PGA and others, the Meeting Planner Training Camp will allow the planner to look behind the scenes at a hotel or resort, so they can see how to select the best site, negotiate the best deals and deliver the best events. In highly competitive times, the advantage of knowing how a destination really works and how to leverage that knowledge can help the planner master a skill set that will make them a valuable asset to their company.

The Meeting Planner Training Camp works in conjunction with a high-end, group-driven hotel or convention destination. By planning every aspect of the session to help planners, the Training Camp maximizes the opportunities for the hotel to present itself in its best light to a planner and allows the planner time to develop long-term and mutually-beneficial relationships with the hotel and sponsors.

Since many planners have excellent experience in managing a meeting, The Meeting Planner Training Camp will focus on advanced areas that are not covered by other training programs: Hotel Management, Negotiating and Contracts. The Training Camp is taught from the "Hotel Side," so planners can see how decisions and policies are made and how they can work with hotels and deliver extraordinary events.

The sessions will be highly interactive, include substantial participation by the host hotel.

Registration: $349

Your registration fee includes room for two nights and food functions.

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