Mastering Difficult Conversations

Conduct Difficult Conversations With Confidence!

Even the best managers have difficulty addressing certain topics in the workplace. However, when issues threaten to hurt teamwork, morale, productivity and bottom line results, managers must step in and correct the problem. Give your managers the tools they need to master these difficult conversations!

Mastering Difficult Conversations, a multimedia training toolkit, gives you everything you need to quickly and easily handle even the most awkward situations.

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Managers will learn how to:

  • Give and receive criticism.
  • Deal with workplace conflict.
  • Address personal issues such as inappropriate dress, hygiene, office romances, sexual harassment and more.
  • Conduct layoffs.
  • Deal with different personalities.
  • Avoid pitfalls and mistakes.
  • And much more!

Note: Mastering Difficult Conversations is designed to train a group, or it can be passed around to individuals as a self-study course.

This toolkit contains:

  • 3 training videos on DVD- How to SHINE in Difficult Management Situations, Giving and Receiving Criticism and Communicating With People on the Job
  • 1 audio program on CD- How to Tell Anyone Anything: Breakthrough Techniques for Difficult Conversations at Work.
  • Detailed scripts that provide you with exactly what to say for 30 of the most common difficult workplace conversations.
  • Dozens of customizable and print-ready forms.
  • Over 100 pages of reference materials, viewer guides, best practices, quizzes and sample documents.

When managers are uncomfortable, they will avoid handling these critical situations. This can lead to poor morale, lower productivity, even lawsuits. Give your supervisors the training they need to feel more confident, and Mastering Difficult Conversationsdeal with the problems before they do more harm.

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