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Sink or Swim Teamwork: We're All in This Together + Bonuses

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Every great organization can trace its success to this key, fundamental concept: teamwork. Yet not everyone knows how to make a team work - or be a team player. But have no fear, Briefings is here with an outstanding 17-minute video: Sink of Swim Teamwork: We're All in This Together.

You and your team will discover how to:

  • Self-manage tasks and achieve goals as a team
  • Apply the 4 guiding principles for becoming a true-blue team player
  • Employ simple communication techniques that build respect and trust - the hallmarks of great teamwork
  • And much more!
  • Includes:

    A Program Guide is included with each video. This 12-page resource is yours to copy and distribute at in-house training sessions.

    This program is for:

    For managers and employees who want to build teamwork cooperation. Demonstrates techniques on how to be a team player, give your best to the team and work effectively with teammates.

    Bonus #1

    Teamwork: Proven Solutions to Frustrating Problems

    Making teams work isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a challenge to turn a group of smart, talented employees into more than 'the sum of its parts'. This 47-page special report gives you practical, proven solutions to problems that can plague any team.

    Bonus #2

    50 Powerful Teamwork Tips for Employees

    Packed with tips that will show employees how to build team spirit, set team goals, take training seriously, support other team members, increase productivity - and much more! You will want copies of this popular 44-page tip book for every person on your staff!

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