A Toolbox for Customer Service Training

First the bad news: The average company loses 10% - 30% of its customers annually due to poor customer service. Doing business is like having an election every day - and customers vote with their feet. Unhappy customers walk - and sometimes run - to your competitors. Working with dissatisfied customers takes a toll on your employees, resulting in higher stress and increased turnover.

Now the good news: On average, companies that institute effective customer service training programs see profits jump 25%. Businesses that implement customer service training also report lower staff turnover and increased job satisfaction.

But who has time to put together a customer service training program?

We do.

Our Meetings-in-a-Box: Customer Service "toolbox" provides everything you need to quickly and easily put together a comprehensive customer service training program. There are eight video-based modules, each covering an important aspect of customer service. The videos include:

  • Think Like the Customer, Act Like the Owner, which shows your staff how to put themselves in the customer's shoes and learn what the customers want. The video also instructs the viewer how to act like the owner by showing excitement about your product or service, realizing that everyone is in sales, knowing the lifetime value of the customer and knowing when to bend the rules. (20 min)
  • 7 Things Never to Say to Your Customers, which points out common phrases that employees inadvertently use that tend to reflect poorly on the company. (18 min)
  • Everyone's Customer Service Role, which illustrates how all employees play a part in the customer service chain and how each needs to work with the others to serve the customers' needs. (13 min)
  • Communicating With Customers, which reveals eight scenarios that address common problems that hinder effective customer communication. After each scenario, there are tips and techniques offered that show viewers how to avoid these problems. (21 min)
  • Listen & Win: How to Keep Customers Coming Back, which gives employees strategies for effective listening. The video demonstrates common mistakes made when team members do not adequately listen, resulting in negative customer experiences. (14 min)
  • Winning Over Even the Most Difficult Customers, which shows five types of difficult customers, and gives tips on how to deal with each of them. (20 min)
  • Make the Connection: How to be Effective and Productive on the Phone, which demonstrates three key strategies to improve telephone skills: how to make a good phone impression, overcoming common telephone frustrations, and avoiding telephone time-wasters. (22 min)
  • What Customers Really Want, which teaches your staff basic strategies to ensure customers are getting what they want from your company. The video highlights that customers want their problems solved quickly, with no surprises, and to feel valued. (14 min)

Each video module comes with an agenda, attendance sheet, written program guide, discussion questions, and a quiz. These materials will help turn the passive watching of a training video into an open forum for discussion and help your staff more fully learn the basics of customer service. The modules can be presented in any order, so new employees can enter the program at any time.

The toolbox also contains 37 weekly tips that are perfect for distributing to your employees once a week to reinforce the importance of customer service all year long.

If bought separately, the cost of these these video-learning modules would be over $1,200, and we usually sell it for $795, but if you order now, you can receive all eight customer service videos on VHS or DVD, lesson plans, quizzes, plus the 37 weekly tips for your staff, all for the special introductory rate of

only $675 - that's 15% off the regular price.

Try it risk free. Try Meetings-in-a-Box: Customer Service for 30 days. If it doesn't save you many hours of preparation time, and improve your customer service training, just send it back for a full refund.

Make your training budget go farther

Most employee training consists of classes, seminars or conferences. These are expensive, and you pay for each class for each attendee. This program can be used over and over again for all new staff members as they come along, saving you money. No per person costs and no ongoing fees are required. Improve your customer service training program and save training budgets at the same time.

Remember, it's risk free. If you are not satisfied, return it for a full refund.

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