Essential Skills for Managers’ Success

Essential Skills for Managing Conflict

Being a manager is a challenging job. Your team looks up to you for direction and inspiration. Your boss looks to you for results. Each day you overcome challenges and meet expectations. When a problem surfaces, everyone turns to you for the solution. When your team succeeds, your efforts often seem invisible.

You are a cheerleader, a disciplinarian, a teacher, a coach and a mediator. Some days you feel like a parent. Other days you feel like a cat herder.

One thing is certain: You are always the leader, constantly looked upon to do what’s right and to guide your team to success—whatever the circumstances. To succeed, you must be well organized, compassionate, efficient, determined, decisive and respectful. You must possess thick skin, a strong will and a desire to lead all your people to success.

So, how can you possibly do it all? With ruthless focus and this toolkit. Essential Skills for Managers’ Success is a must-have resource, providing managers with a refresher course in the most important management and leadership skills.

Managers will discover how to:

  • Speak with authority.
  • Use questions effectively.
  • Identify when to manage and when to lead.
  • Set clear expectations for their staffs.
  • Delegate efficiently
  • Deliver bad news the right way.
  • And so much more!

This toolkit contains:

  • A 60-minute audio conference, Becoming an Outstanding Leader & Manager, (a $229 value).
  • A 23-minute video, Speaking With Confidence, Clarity and Charisma (a $149 value).
  • More than a dozen Build Your Skills checklists that will sharpen managers' critical leadership competencies. Download a sample of this outstanding tool here!
  • Tools team members can use to understand their personal leadership and management styles.
  • Loads of customizable and print-ready forms that save time and effort.

This toolkit contains the following sections:

Section 1: Communicate Effectively: Begin with the skill you use every day, all day: communicating. The video Speaking With Confidence, Clarity and Charisma shows you how to navigate three common communication scenarios: talking in meetings, on the phone and face to face.

Section 2: Excel as a Manager and a Leader: This audio conference will explain the differences between managing and leading. You will learn about the critical skills for both roles and how they complement each other to make managers more effective.

Section 3: Build Your Skills: This section provides quick guides for more than a dozen essential management skills. Each checklist describes what great leaders will do—and will not do—and then lists step-by-step instructions for successfully leading a team. Identify the skills you need to hone and work through the steps on those pages. Once you have mastered one skill, move on to another until you are confident in all your abilities.

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