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Essentials of Effective Teamwork

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This comprehensive multimedia product teaches team leaders how to lay a foundation of effective teamwork, covering basic principles and strategies for leading high-performance and successful teams. In addition, Section 3 of this binder provides team leaders with 12 Core Values of Teamwork Lessons they’ll use to diagnose the weaknesses on their teams, correct problem areas and reinforce powerful teamwork messages with their own staffs.

The program serves both as a training program trainers can facilitate for a group of team leaders and as a self-paced study course that team leaders can take on their own.

The Essentials of Effective Teamwork training kit is an essential resource for getting back to the basics of solid, effective teamwork. Team leaders will discover how to:

  • Show employees respect and gain their respect
  • Build cooperation and collaboration
  • Foster trust
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Spur creativity
  • Increase professionalism and workplace etiquette
  • And so, so much more!

This multimedia resource includes:

  • 22-minute video, Teambuilding Techniques That Work, with a Trainer’s Guide and a Viewer’s Guide
  • 60-minute audio conference presentation, Creating High-Performance Teams, with a companion PowerPoint presentation
  • 64-page workbook stuffed full of best practices, guides, tips, quizzes, and more
  • Dozens of print-ready and customizable forms team leaders and the employees can reference again and again.

This toolkit contains the following sections:

Section 1: Getting Back to Basics

Everyone needs lessons in teamwork

No matter how strong a leader you are or how effective your team is, you will never be able to abandon teamwork training altogether. It is critical that you continue to reinforce the importance of teamwork among employees as well as offer team members ample opportunities to improve their teamwork skills. Use the advice presented in the following pages as a refresher course in basic teamwork values for all your employees—even the top performers.

If you are leading a new team—or striving to turn around a low-performance team—the basics presented in this training kit offer you a foundation on which to build a high-functioning, high performance team. Without these basic principles and core values, your team may function, but it won’t be truly successful.

In Section 1, managers will discover teambuilding techniques such as:

  • Ways to show employees respect
  • Tactics for building cooperation
  • Tips for communicating effectively
  • Methods for managing tricky employees

Section 2: Building a Foundation

Creating a high-performance team

Section 1 of this training kit presented the basic principles of teamwork. Section 2 builds on those basic principles and provides 12 specific strategies for creating a high-performance team. Presented in an audio conference format, presenter and leadership expert Billy Arcement focuses on the importance supervisors play in ensuring that teamwork is a top priority among employees on the same team and across departments.

In Section 2, listeners will learn:

  • The difference between “groups” and “teams,” and why teams are more successful than groups
  • How to build trust and a collaborative culture
  • What motivates team members to excellent performance
  • How to structure goals for growth and alignment
  • The Four Rs that encourage accountability among employees

Section 3: Teaching the Core Values

Important lessons for team members

For teams to function at the highest level, every member must possess the 12 Core Values of Teamwork: accountability, adaptability, collaboration, communication, courtesy, creative thinking, decision making, passion, professionalism, respect, a shared vision and trust.

Throughout the Essentials of Effective Teamwork training kit, you will learn how to lead your teams effectively, applying techniques and principles to build teamwork among your employees. Section 3 provides you with 12 Core Values of Teamwork Lessons that will guide you as you prepare training sessions and learning opportunities for your own staff.

Each lesson is broken into four sections:

  • Defining the core value. A brief summary of the value and why it is a critical component to teamwork
  • Signs that the core value is lacking among team members. Learn which behaviors or actions indicate that your team could use some training in the core value. This section will help you prioritize your training needs. If your team indicates all of the signs in a given area, you know to start there first.
  • How to improve teammates’ skills in the core value.This section provides you with tips for addressing negative behaviors, increasing knowledge and skills, and making necessary changes to ensure that everyone is committed to teamwork.
  • Exercise. Complete these exercises with your team to teach employees the 12 Core Values of Teamwork and to reinforce your message that teamwork is an expectation of yours and the organization.

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