Detox Your Workplace!
Flush out the toxic behaviors that are destroying your team
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It’s time to detox

Your average work environment can be downright toxic. And we don’t mean it’s toxic with hazardous materials. We’re talking about toxic people and how their behavior can hurt everything from collaboration and productivity to the customer experience and the bottom line.

Toxic people invade every level of the organization, from entry-level frontline employees all the way up to the C-suite. Like all toxins, a toxic person contaminates an area with his or her negative actions and behavior. If proper action to address the problems isn’t taken and fast, the contamination spreads, wreaking havoc on the health of the team. The higher the position in the company, the more damage a toxic person can do. A toxic commander in chief can destroy an entire organization if given enough time.

With the Detox Your Workplace! training kit, you can address negative behavior before it destroys your team. Even if you feel your team is healthy, you can use the advice presented in this training kit to recognize warning signs and flush out toxic behaviors—before they contaminate your team.

This multimedia resource includes:

  • 19-minute video, The Cure for Toxic-Boss Syndrome: Avoid the Blunders That Disrupt Teams, with a companion Trainer’s Guide and Viewer’s Guide.
  • 60-minute audio conference presentation, Conflict Resolution - Dealing with Really Difficult People.
  • 64-page workbook stuffed full of best practices, guides, tips, quizzes, and more.
  • Customizable, Print-Ready Forms CD trainers and trainees can reference again and again.

This product contains the following sections:

Section 1: Assess Your Behavior

In this section, you’ll discover the types of toxic behaviors that destroy morale and productivity and lead to bitter, frustrated and disengaged employees. Watch the video and witness five of the worst bosses—unfortunately common in today’s workplace—and learn how to avoid becoming one.

By watching this video, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize the kinds of management behaviors that destroy teams.
  • Identify five of the worst types of managers.
  • Avoid becoming a toxic manager.
  • Improve your management skills.
  • Become the type of manager employees respect and trust. Without those key ingredients, you can’t lead your team to success.

Section 2: Understand Toxic Behaviors

This section, presented in audio conference format by leadership expert Bruce Lee, teaches you to change how you react to difficult people so that you can more effectively deal with their behavior and resolve conflicts.

Learn how to:

  • Analyze your own reaction to difficult people.
  • Assess the causes of difficult behavior.
  • Understand different personality styles by using the D.I.S.C. method.
  • Reduce negativity.
  • Calm angry people.
  • Address difficult personality types in the workplace.
  • Resolve conflicts with difficult people.

In addition, you will find supporting information that will allow you to incorporate Bruce’s message into your daily interactions with employees.

Section 3: Correct Toxic Behavior

In this section, you are provided with a specific process for addressing and correcting 20 different types of toxic behaviors you may encounter in the workplace. Find out what makes a person toxic, and learn a step-by-step process for coaching the employee to make necessary improvements.

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