“Want This Job? Give Me Your Password.”
Facebook Flops and Other Dangers of Social Media at Work

Business success is more and more dependent on the savvy use of social media, but social media presents additional business challenges inside the workplace. The most commonplace activities your employees engage in online every day can become your company’s worst nightmare.

Consider these scenarios:

  • During an interview for a job that requires high-level security clearance, the interviewer sits in front of his computer and asks Tom for his Facebook login information—and then proceeds to go through Tom’s messages and posts.
  • Jean, a new product manager, builds an extensive following with her blog and on Twitter as she promotes her company’s new product line. One off-color comment prompts thousands of her “followers” to boycott the company instead.
  • Amy insults her supervisor in a Facebook post; her coworkers ‘comment’ back and it becomes an online gripe session about workplace issues. Are you okay to terminate Amy because you have a policy that prohibits making disparaging remarks about the company or management? Watch out!
  • Dan, just fired from his management position, asks close friend and company executive Mike for a recommendation on LinkedIn. Mike doesn’t think twice about doing this small favor—until Dan’s attorney uses his comments to launch a wrongful termination suit against his company.

HR professionals should be taking the lead to identify these risks and consult with senior leaders on managing and mitigating risks in a way that is supportive of your organization’s culture and values.

Join business and HR consultant Rush Paul for answers to these tricky social media nightmare scenarios—and to find out what questions you should be asking, as you examine the social media atmosphere and policies in your own company.

Find out how a proactive stance can help you avoid some major legal landmines with social media.

Learning Objectives:

This presentation will outline the risk points and provide some practical tips that HR professionals should be presenting to their organizations for:

  • Managing your brand online: The ill-considered or unauthorized post
  • Employment references: The back door “gotcha”
  • Recruiting with LinkedIn: You didn’t intend to discriminate, so why is EEOC here?
  • Reference checking through social media: What you don’t seek out can’t be used to sue you
  • Employee online posts and the NLRB: The new water cooler conversation
  • Reducing your risk of inappropriate employee behavior

Presented by:

R. Rushton Paul, Jr., J.D., SPHR

Rush Paul is a past practicing lawyer who migrated to creating business solutions and leading human resources at Jefferson National Bank, Wachovia, and McGuireWoods, a national law firm. Today, Rush brings over 30 years of experience to his work with many different companies as their outsourced fractional HR Director through his consulting firm R. Rushton Paul Consulting.

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