Polite, Professional and Promotable:
Etiquette for Today’s Workplace

 Successful Onboarding: Making New Hires’ First 90 Days Count

The Value of a Courteous Workplace

It’s all too easy to let common workplace courtesy and business etiquette go by the wayside, especially during busy or hard times. However, doing so is a huge mistake. If employees fail to show respect for one another’s ideas, opinions, space, and mental and physical health, teamwork, collaboration, productivity and innovation suffer. If that’s not bad enough, when people witness others’ rude behavior, they are much more likely to act rudely themselves. So one person’s bad habits can have a ripple effect through the whole team.

Conversely, when respect and courtesy are core values, teams flourish. Employees feel that their time and ideas are valued by management and their co-workers. They are more likely to step in and lend a hand when needed, and they care about the success of the team and organization. Their loyalty is strong as is their commitment to meeting their goals. They’re happier and healthier and, therefore, more productive.

There’s little question that a courteous workplace is the ideal workplace, but how do you transform yours into one? Start by following the advice presented in this training kit.

Polite, Professional and Promotable: Etiquette for Today’s Workplace teaches you business etiquette ground rules. Follow them, and you will prevent conflicts, build stronger work relationships, present a polished and professional image, and be seen as a model employee—the type that is sure to advance in your organization.

Everyone—from front-line employees to c-level executives—plays an important role in ensuring that your workplace is one of civility, respect and courtesy. Completing this training will ensure that you are doing your part to foster that type of environment.

This product includes:

  • 60-minute audio conference, Business Communication Etiquette: Dealing With Technology, with a companion PowerPoint presentation.
  • 60-minute audio conference, Business Communication Etiquette: Dealing With People, with companion PowerPoint presentation.
  • 44-page workbook stuffed full of advice and etiquette guidelines.


Technology is vital to business communication. It allows organizations to more quickly and efficiently reach out to customers. Because of technology, organizations can now offer telework options to employees, allowing those organizations to retain top performers and expand the talent pool as they recruit new hires. Remote employees can connect with on-site colleagues through multiple channels, and that all can happen—quite literally—with the click of a button.

While it’s easy to point out all the benefits technology offers the average workplace, it’s also important to understand the downfalls of using technology to communicate. When people fail to follow basic etiquette rules, conflict, confusion and mistakes rise. Feelings get hurt and rifts grow between team members.

In this section, you’ll learn the rules for using different types of technology in the workplace and the steps you must take to avoid creating conflicts with co-workers, supervisors and customers. Follow them to make the most of the technology you use and to prevent problems from arising.


Learning how to use technology properly will take you a long way toward building that professional and promotable image you want to present. However, sometimes you are going to have to step out from behind your computer or smartphone and work with people face to face. Dealing with unavoidable conflicts can be difficult, but if you possess strong communication skills, you can navigate those tricky waters more easily. In fact, what is often construed as disrespect or a lack of courtesy is just poor communication skills.

In this section, you’ll learn how to handle specific situations in a professional and respectful manner so that you are always presenting your best self.

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