Ensure That Your Message is Heard-and Understood: Tips for Communicating Clearly and Concisely

Everyone is a presenter-whether you're on a stage, across a conference table or on the telephone. You speak to sell an idea, position a change or offer an opinion. And while you may know exactly what you want to say, if you are like most people, you fall short in one area: leaving your audience with one clear message. In this audio conference, speech coach Sally Williamson will teach you how to focus your message and organize your ideas so that you keep your listeners engaged and spur them into action.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a powerful message that participants clearly understand.
  • Define main points and structure a presentation.
  • Develop examples to support each and every idea you present.
  • And more!

Presented By:

Sally Williamson

Sally Williamson is both a business developer and a speech coach. She has over 25 years of experience in the development of effective communication strategies and business presentations. Her firm, SW&A, specializes in executive coaching and custom workshops that blend personal development with bottom-line business results. Her combined experience in sales and communications provides a unique perspective in helping people understand the needs of their clients and present their services to solve those needs.


  • Developed script and coached delivery for over 45 IPO's
  • Developed script for a variety of product introductions in both domestic and international markets
  • Evaluated and revised content of sales materials and presentations for over 25 major sales forces
  • Coached delivery skills and personal image for over 250 CEOs
  • Developed sales course for professional service firms and delivered it to over 20 firms
  • Developed an account planning course and coached sales strategies for establishing new relationships for over 10 firms
  • Coached over 500 individuals in content organization and personal delivery skills


  • Presentation Organization and Design
  • Visual Image
  • Sales Skills & Account Planning
  • Media/Q&A Coaching
  • Personal Style Critique
  • Informal Communication

Industry Experience:

  • Accounting
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial
  • Investments
  • Legal
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications

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